Chat 2 Pay User Guide

What's new?

Read more about new features, improvements, and bug fixes contained in the latest release of Clickatell's Chat 2 Pay feature.

Chat 2 Pay Report

A new Chat 2 Pay Report was added to the Clickatell Portal to provide an overview of the Chat 2 Pay activity on your account. You can view it for a selected date range, channel, and/or integrator. All these reports can be downloaded as PDF documents. If any filters were applied, only the filtered results are exported.

Sandbox for testing your Chat 2 Pay integration

You can now add one or more Sandbox Chat 2 Pay configurations to your account. A sandbox configuration allows you to test your Chat 2 Pay setup without using 'real' money by linking your Chat 2 Pay configuration to a sandbox instance of your payment processor.
Where a production configuration is linked to a production payment gateway (i.e., when you click the payment link it opens a payment page that accepts real credit cards), you can use test cards on the payment gateway when using a sandbox configuration.
Note: You cannot promote a sandbox configuration directly into production at this time. You will need to create a separate production configuration to use Chat 2 Pay in the production environment.

Custom branding

You can now upload your logo so that it shows on the payment page when your customers are checking out. You can do this on the Payment Settings page.

Payment page order details

The Chat 2 Pay API was updated to pass additional order information to the payment gateway's APIs. This additional order data that gets passed to Cybersource is displayed to your end-user on the payment page, providing more detailed information to your end-user.
When a customer pays for their order, they will see a list of their order items displayed on the payment page. The order details can contain details like Product ID, Product Name, Quantity, Price, and Tax.
An example of what this might look like is shown below.
Note: Clickatell does not manage a catalog system. The order details are passed to Clickatell via APIs. The tax amount is handled by you and is passed through the API to Clickatell.

Partial billing

Billing Type is a setting on the Chat 2 Pay Payment Settings configuration screen that lets you decide if your customer should type in their billing details as part of the checkout experience. This applies to our current Cybersource integration.
Any customer-supplied billing information will be shown on both the Order Confirmation & Payment Summary Page.
See this page for more information on what each of the Full, Partial, and None billing type options means.

Merchant Descriptor

A merchant descriptor field was added to the Payment Settings configuration screen. This is the name that appears on both a merchant's and a customer's bank or credit card statement when a customer makes a purchase from the merchant.
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