Chat 2 Pay

What is Chat 2 Pay?

The Chat 2 Pay feature allows a merchant to embed a Clickatell "extension" into their CRM/OMS (Customer Relationship Management/Order Management System) which allows a call-center agent to trigger a payment request to their customers (i.e., the end-user). This payment request will be received by the customer via an SMS or WhatsApp message. The URL embedded in the message allows the customer to open a secure payment page where they can enter a new credit/debit card or utilize a saved credit/debit card that will be used by the merchant to process payments via the merchant's payment processor/gateway. This feature allows merchants to accept orders from customers via their call-center without requiring customers to expose their personal payment information to the call-center agent.
Chat 2 Pay currently supports the following CRM / OMS system and payment processors/gateways:
  1. 1.
    CRM/OMS: Salesforce
  2. 2.
    Payment Processor/Gateway: Cybersource

Configuring the Chat 2 Pay service

To start using this service, follow the four steps below. The rest of this document describes each step in more detail.


There is no dedicated test environment for testing this functionality. If you are using Cybersource, you can test Chat 2 Pay using ‘dummy’ payment cards by setting up a test account on Cybersource and using those credentials when configuring Chat 2 Pay.
In addition, you can also set up a test WhatsApp account following the standard WhatsApp application process in the Clickatell Portal. This test WhatsApp account can then be linked to Chat 2 Pay.
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