Chat 2 Pay
Salesforce: Using Chat 2 Pay as a Customer Service Agent
The agent logs into the Salesforce Customers Service Center and creates a new order in conversation with the customer by clicking “Create new order”.
The existing order management workflows are used to capture the order:
  • Select a customer
  • Set the billing address
  • Click “add product” and select the products the end-user wants to buy
  • Select a shipping method
  • Confirm order details and click “Submit order”
“Chat 2 Pay” appears as a new payment method. Select this, confirm order details, and click “Save”.
The order information is auto-populated. If the end-user’s phone number is available in Salesforce, this will also auto-populate, and can be edited by the customer service agent. Select the channel you will utilize to send the link to the end-user.

End-user using WhatsApp to complete purchase

The end-user receives a payment request (the message that was configured in the Clickatell Portal) containing a clickable link. When clicked, a secure payment acceptance screen opens in the end-user’s default browser. The end-user follows the prompts to complete their payment, including their payment details. After completing the payment, the end-user has the option to view/print their receipt.
The end-user receives a payment confirmation message (as configured in the Clickatell Portal). In Salesforce, the existing order management workflow is used, and the order’s status is updated accordingly.
First message appears on customer screen with payment link. Clicking the link opens the payment screen.
Once the payment is complete, the customer receives a second message with a link to the purchase receipt.
Second message with link to payment receipt
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