Chat Desk User Guide

Suggested responses

Suggested responses provide suggested responses to the agent to improve engagement efficiency. These responses are provided by our Touch Intent Engine (TIE) which utilizes Natural Language Processing.
TIE is trained with responses by Clickatell based on your business's frequently asked questions. When a customer asks your agent a question in Chat Desk, TIE will suggest responses. The percentage of confidence is indicated for each suggested response based on how confident TIE is that it's an accurate response to the client's question. The agent can then select to either use the suggested response as is, edit the suggested response before sending it, or creating their own custom response.
Contact our sales team at [email protected] to find out more about the Touch Intent Engine (TIE) and how to acquire this product.
When TIE detects potential responses, a notification will appear below the text area as shown below. The text field will be pre-populated by the suggested response with the highest confidence percentage.
Clicking on this icon opens a panel displaying the suggested responses that the agent can select from.
The agent can then edit the response if necessary, and click 'Send''.