Chats and tickets
On your Agent Desk, in the panel on the left, you can toggle between four different chat types by selecting the relevant tab:
  • Live - Lists all chats that are currently open. This view will allow you to actively manage new incoming chats and engage with end-users that require assistance using the chat dialogue window at the bottom of the middle panel.
  • Pending - Lists all chats with a 'Pending' status, i.e. live chats where the agent is awaiting a response from an end-user and has specifically marked it as 'pending'
  • Tagged - Lists all chats in which the agent was tagged. Chats are removed from this tab once the chat is closed.
  • Closed - Lists all chats that were closed by either the end-user or the agent once the issue has been resolved. It also includes chats that were closed by the system after a time of inactivity. These chats can be reopened by the agent.
  • Tickets - Lists all chats that were received outside of business hours or when agents were unavailable. These chats are converted into tickets that can be attended to once the agent is back online.
Once a tab is selected you can search or filter for a specific chat in that list. Selecting a chat from the list opens additional information about the chat in the panel on the right.
New incoming chats display with a green background. A blue dot indicates new activity on an existing chat (this blue dot only appears on a chat card if you are on a different chat at the time a new message is received).
You can sort the live chat queue by "New Customer Activity" or "New Chat" depending on what you want to see at the top of your live chat list.
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