Chat Desk User Guide

Connectivity notifications

Connectivity notifications are shown in the right-hand panel on both the Supervisor Desk and the Agent Desk views to inform Agents and Supervisors of:
  1. 1.
    Internet issues experienced by the Chat Desk user
  2. 2.
    Connectivity issues experienced by Chat Desk itself
These notifications are described in more detail below.

No internet connection

When the Chat Desk user (Supervisor or Agent) experiences internet issues with their internet service provider, a notification informs them that they are disconnected.

Connection Restored

When the Agent/Supervisor’s internet connection is restored, a notification informs the Agent/Supervisor that they are back online. The Agent/Supervisor is required to refresh the page to ensure all data is in sync.

Connection Error - Reconnection Attempt

When the Chat Desk application experiences any connectivity issues, a notification informs the user that connectivity has been lost and that the application will attempt to reconnect them automatically.
The maximum number of reconnection attempts is five, after which the ‘Failed to reconnect’ message will be displayed if no connection could be established.

Failed to Reconnect

Another notification informs the Chat Desk user if the application fails to establish a connection after five automatic reconnection attempts. The Chat Desk user can do a browser refresh to attempt to resolve the issue or log an issue with Clickatell’s support team.

Connection Restored

If the user is successfully reconnected, a notification informs them that the connection has been restored. No refresh is required at this point as the application has automatically restored the connection and synced the data.