Chat Desk User Guide

Voice recordings

Not supported on the SMS channel.
As an agent you can send and receive voice recordings while chatting with end-users.
Below the text box area, you see various icons that represent different media types. To send a voice recording, select the 'microphone ' icon.
Your text box area will expand to show a 'voice record' section (see below). To start recording, select the 'Record' button.
After you have clicked the 'record' button, your recording commences and a timer starts running to measure the duration of the recording. A stop button appears that is used to end the recording.
Once your recording is ready, click 'Send voice'.
The voice recording forms part of your chat with the end-user. You can replay your voice recording from here.
When your end-user sends you a voice note, it looks similar and you can click 'play' to listen to it.
You have to grant Chat Desk permission to access your microphone in order to record voice notes. When prompted, click 'Turn on mic' as shown below.