Chat Desk User Guide

Departments management

As a Supervisor, you can set up custom departments (e.g Sales, Technical, Billing) and group your agents accordingly. When engaging with a customer, agents can transfer the chat to a specific department or agent within a department based on the expertise the customer requires.
To create and edit departments, click 'Departments Management' on the Chat Desk Dashboard.

Create department

Click on 'Add new department'.
Provide the requested details and select from the list the agents that must form part of this department.
An agent is allowed to form part of more than one department.
Click 'Create' to save and add the department to the Departments Management view.
Under Chat Desk Preferences you can set the departments that should serve as the first line of contact, and all incoming chats will be routed there first.

Manage departments

All your departments are shown on the Departments Management screen.
The icons in each block indicate the total number of agents in the department, how many agents are currently online (green dot), and how many are not online (red dot). When hovering over the icon, the names of the agents are shown.
To edit or delete a department, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner, and select 'Manage department' or 'Delete department'.
'Manage department' opens a pop-up where you can edit the department's name and description, and add or remove agents to/from the department.
Click 'Save'.