Get Business Verified

Businesses can start using their APIs even though they are not business verified.
However, it is strongly recommended that a business get verified. If a business is not business verified the following limitations apply to their accounts:
  • You can only have two business telephone numbers per WhatsApp account.
  • You can only send 250 business-initiated templated messages within a 24 hour period.
  • You can receive unlimited user-initiated messages.
To Business Verify and remove these limitations, follow the steps below.
Business Verification takes 1 to 5 business days.
Step 1: Go to Facebook Business Manager (
Step 2: If you already have one, select your business account. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager account, you can create one by visiting
Step 3: On the left navigation, click ‘Business Settings’.
Step 4: From the ‘Business Settings’ page, go to ‘Security Center’ on the left navigation.
Step 5: Click on ‘Start Verification’.
Step 6: Complete your Business Details in the next form.
For more information, you can also refer to this page.

Required documentation

  • Legal Name Document one of the below documents – Business Registration (BR) – Company Incorporation Certificate – Tax/VAT Certificate
  • Address Proof Document one of the below documents – Bank Account Statement – Utility Bill (Phone/Electricity Bill)
  • There might be additional documentation required depending on your country of residence. This will be outlined when you enter your business verification information.

Why would your business verification be rejected?

  • Legal Name Document & Address Proof Document have different addresses
    • Please make sure all documents have the exact same address
  • Business Legal Name is not mentioned on the website submitted
    • It is advised to mention your company’s legal name in the footer of your website
  • Business Email Address not used during verification
    • It is advised to use the business email address for Facebook Business Verification