Clickatell Portal User Guide

Adding Chat 2 Pay

For more detailed information on Chat 2 Pay, see the Chat 2 Pay User Guide. You can also consult our Chat 2 Pay FAQs.
Chat 2 Pay allows a merchant to embed a "node and/or extension" into multiple applications enabling the merchant to trigger a payment request to their customers (i.e., the end-user) via those applications.
Chat 2 Pay currently supports the following systems:
To activate the Chat 2 Pay product on your account, click on the Chat 2 Pay card under Products on the Products & Services tab.
Click '+Activate Product'.
This adds Chat 2 Pay as a product on the My Workspace tab.
In the My Workspace tab, select the Chat 2 Pay card.
This opens the Chat 2 Pay dashboard from where you can:
  • Configure and manage Chat 2 Pay
  • View details about Chat 2 Pay and linked channels, products, APIs
  • Add channels
  • Link channels to your extension
  • Switch linked channels on/off
  • Access a step-by-step user guide
See here for more details on configuring Chat 2 Pay