Clickatell Portal User Guide

Adding Chat Desk

For more detailed information on using the Chat Desk application itself, see the Chat Desk User Guide.
Navigate to Products & Services -> Products -> Chat Desk.
Click '+Activate product'.
This adds Chat Desk as a product on the My Workspace tab.
Click + Activate Product to add Chat Desk to your workspace.
On the My Workspace tab, select the Chat Desk card.
In My Workspace, click the Chat Desk card to configure and manage the product.
Click 'Launch Chat Desk Dashboard' to open the Chat Desk Dashboard in a new tab.
From where you can access the Supervisor Desk and the Agent Desk. You can also configure various account settings from here to tailor the product to your needs.
Launch Chat Desk in a new tab.
The Chat Desk Dashboard from where you can manage and launch the Supervisor Desk and Agent Desk.

SMS Notifications

When SMS Notifications are enabled, agents can initiate contact with any customer they have previously engaged with by sending a 1-way SMS message from within Chat Desk.
Click on 'Manage'.
Click "Manage" next to SMS Notifications.
Enable/disable the SMS Notifications feature using the toggle in the pop-up.
Enable using the toggle.

Adding users

One agent can be logged in at a given time per agent seat. You receive one free agent seat.
To purchase more agents seats, click the 'Upgrade' button.
Click "Upgrade" to add more seats over and above your one free seat.
Select the number of seats you want to add over and above the one free agent seat.
Click 'Next' and follow the prompts to finalize your purchase.
Purchase more agent seats over and above your one free seat.
You must grant access and invite agents to Chat Desk as explained in the User Management section of this user guide. Ensure you give them the following permissions:
For more information, see: