Chat Desk

For more detailed information on using the Chat Desk product itself, see the Chat Desk User Guide.

Chat Desk is an easy-to-use web-based application that enables real-time communication with your customers via a single web interface.

To activate Chat Desk as a product on your account, click on the Chat Desk icon under Products on the Products & Services tab. Click on the '+Activate product' button. This will add Chat Desk as a product under the My Workspace tab.

In the My Workspace tab, select the Chat Desk card.

Click the 'Enable Chat Desk' button to provision the product on your account.

You can now launch the Chat Desk Dashboard in a new tab from where you can access the Supervisor Desk and the Agent Desk. You can also configure various account settings from here to tailor the product to your specific needs.

Adding channels

Currently, you will only be able to integrate the WhatsApp channel with your Chat Desk. You will need an active WhatsApp Business Profile in order to add the WhatsApp channel to Chat Desk.

For more detail on how to acquire a WhatsApp Business Profile, see the relevant section under WhatsApp in this user guide.

Once you have an active WhatsApp Business Profile, click '+ Add New Channel'.

Select the WhatsApp channel and the specific WhatsApp profile you want to link. Click '+ Add New Channel'. This links the WhatsApp profile to your Chat Desk so that customers can reach out to your agents via the WhatsApp number that you provide to them.

Enabling SMS Notifications

You can enable/disable the SMS Notifications feature using the toggle as shown below.

When enabled, an option to send a 1-way SMS message to customers becomes available to agents in Chat Desk. This allows Chat Desk agents to initiate contact with customers they have previously engaged with via 1-way SMS messages.

This feature does not require any new API creation or other technical inputs and is controlled by the user simply switching this feature on/off using the toggle.

Adding users

You can grant access to the Chat Desk to as many users as you want. One agent can be logged in at a given time per agent seat you purchase. By default, you receive one free agent seat. To add more agent seats, click the 'Upgrade' button as shown below.

Select the number of seats you wish to add and click 'Next'. Follow the prompts to finalize your purchase.

For more information see the Clickatell Developer Documentation website.

To grant access to Chat Desk to more users, refer to the User Management section of this user guide.