What's New?


15 July 2021

Release Summary

The focus of the release was to further enhance the Chat Flow user interface and user experience. We've also added the ability to delete your own flows without requiring input from Clickatell.


Deleting flows from sandbox and production

We now offer users the ability to delete their own flows instead of being dependent on Clickatell’s resources.

It is as easy as clicking on the hamburger menu icon next to the flow you want to delete to access a drop-down menu. Select ‘Delete’.

If the flow is linked to other flows, routes or keywords, you are prompted to disconnect the linked flow/route/keyword before you can delete the flow.

Any user will be able to delete flows from the sandbox environment, however, when deleting a flow from the production environment, the flow builder is prompted to submit a deletion request. A Chat Flow administrator must then first approve this request from the ‘Manage and approve flows’ section before the flow will be removed.

The image below shows the screen when a request to delete a flow from production has been submitted for approval.


Reordering results on Menu and Multiple Choice nodes

This enhancement on the Menu and Multiple Choice nodes will greatly reduce development time for users. Previously, to reorder the logic options on these nodes (e.g. moving option 1 to 3, option 7 to 1, and option 3 to 7) you had to remove and re-add the logic options in the correct order. Now, you can simply “click, drag, and drop” the options into the correct order.

The logic options are also collapsible, saving space and simplifying navigation.