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30 June 2022

Release Summary

This release contained significant updates to the Previewer providing clients with a more realistic channel experience when previewing their flows. We've also updated the look and feel to give you a more consistent, user-friendly experience. We've completed Phase 1 of an important update to our Flow Approval and Deployment process, and added a brand-new OAuth Request node.
Furthermore, we made several strategic updates such as supporting SMS as a channel in Chat Desk and the Biller Service Integration. Finally, we also addressed some bugs and technical debt items.
The main highlights from this release are discussed in more detail below.


OAuth Node

The OAuth Request node allows you to authenticate your end-users securely against your chosen identity provider (IDP) from within your workflow so that they can access secure services specific to them from your internal platforms.
NOTE: This is not available to all clients yet, but will be soon. Please reach out to our Support team if you have any questions or interest in this product.


Previewer UX Enhancements

We've moved the Previewer from a pop-up modal in the center of the screen to the right side of the screen. It is also possible to resize the Previewer panel. This makes it easier for the flow-builder to view the flow they're building and their end-user's experience thereof simultaneously.
Secondly, we've updated the look and feel of the Previewer to ensure the user experience is more consistent with the rest of the Chat Flow product. We've also started adding more intuitive features per channel for the flow-builder to have a more real-life channel experience.
After the flow-builder selects the channel on which they want to preview the flow, the Previewer updates to present the flow-builder with a more realistic experience of the selected channel (more exciting channels coming soon!).
The SMS channel provides a simpler, text-only experience including a character count so flow-builders can correctly structure their messages
The WhatsApp channel offers a rich experience, including media, location sharing, etc.
For WhatsApp, we also implemented Business Read Receipts on the Previewer. This will offer the end-user a more realistic experience as they know and expect those familiar blue double-ticks.

1-Click Deploy Process (Phase 1)

Up to now, the process to approve and deploy a flow was a two-person job. The flow-builder had to submit the flow for approval, and a second user (reviewing the flow/changes) was required to approve and deploy the flow before it was promoted to production. A user could not approve and deploy their own flows.
With this release, we've added another way for one person to approve and deploy flows without requiring a second 'user'. Once the simplified "1-Click Deploy Process" is enabled on a client's account, the flow-builder is allowed to deploy their own flows straight from the Chat Flow canvas, saving them a lot of time and frustration.
In Phase 1, this is a flag that can be set by Clickatell upon request from the client. In the next phase, we'll add it as a setting that our clients with Admin permission can set themselves.
When the "1-Click Deploy Process" is enabled, the "Submit for Approval" button changes to "Deploy to Production"
The flow-builder must simply confirm they want to continue with the flow deployment
All done! the flow-builder has promoted their own flow to production.
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