Keywords serve as navigational shortcuts that enable end-users to engage with your brand in a more efficient manner. Instead of tediously moving along through flows by selecting options and entering exact inputs, an end-user can simply enter keywords to trigger workflows or navigate to specific steps in your current workflow.

The keyword function can be viewed as a natural language recognition mechanism, and can be set up for USSD, WhatsApp and SMS channels (given these channels have been set up for your account already). There are two types of keywords: global (route) keywords and menu option keywords.

Global (routing) keywords: trigger flows

Global keywords are used to route a user to another flow in your account. If any of the keywords you set up are used on their own or within a phrase by an end-user anywhere in your chat application, the associated workflow is triggered. Global keywords are set up on account level, i.e. they are not set up in the context of a specific flow.

You can set up a maximum of ten keywords for every 'keyword group', and you can add as many keyword groups as you want.

To set up keywords to trigger workflows:

  1. Select 'Keywords' under Configuration at the top left of your canvas.

  2. Select the channel you want to add keywords for.

  3. Click on '+ Create New Keyword Group'.

  4. From the drop-down, select the workflow you want to trigger when the keywords are used.

  5. From the drop-down, select the step in the specified workflow you want to route the user to when the keywords are used.

  6. Type your keyword and press enter to add the keyword to your flow.

    • To delete a keyword, click on the 'x' icon next to it.

    • Duplicate keywords are highlighted in red.

    • Conflicting keywords (i.e. when the same keyword appears in more than one keyword group)

      are highlighted in red

  7. Save your keywords once you are done (top right corner)

Note that Global Keywords take preference over Menu Logic Keywords (see below). In other words, if the same keyword is used both on a global level and for a specific node in one of your flows, the action as specified for the global keyword will be triggered whenever the keyword is used in any flow.

Menu logic keywords enable the end-user to make selections quicker - if any of these keywords are used on their own or within a phrase by end-users when entering input for the Menu of Multiple Choice Input nodes, the specified step or workflow will be triggered.

Menu logic keywords are set up for a specific node in a flow, and you can set up a maximum of five keywords per node.

This is only available on the Menu and Multiple Choice Input menu nodes.

To add menu logic keywords:

  1. Select your Menu or Multiple Choice Input node that you've added to your flow

  2. Go to the 'Logic' section in the panel on the right

  3. In the text box next to 'Keywords', type in the keyword you want to apply and press 'Enter' on your keyboard. To delete a keyword, click on the 'x' icon next to it. Duplicate keywords will be highlighted in red.

Keywords are not case-sensitive.