Approving and deploying workflows

This page explains how new flows are approved and deployed. Note that any edits to existing flows will follow exactly the same process before they are deployed to production.

After designing, testing and saving your flow, you have to submit the flow for approval before it can be deployed to production. When a flow is submitted for approval, an approver will be required to review the flow and approve or decline the flow. Although all users can view flow details, only people in your organization who have been granted the correct permissions will have the ability to approve (or decline) and deploy flows. Once it has been approved, the flow must also be deployed by the approver - this will then deploy the last saved version to production.

You require a user with 'admin' rights to approve and deploy your flow. You cannot approve your own flow. You can add another admin user via the Clickatell user portal under User Management.

Submitting a flow for approval

Select the workflow that you would like to submit for approval from the flow list on the left. Click on the 'Submit for Approval' button at the top of your canvas.

In the pop-up, enter a description or instruction and select 'Submit'.

Submitting your flow adds it to the list of 'Pending' flows that must be approved before it can be deployed (see section below). It also adds it to the approvers list called 'My Approvals'.

You can only submit a flow for approval if all changes made to it have been saved.

Approving a flow

Select the 'Manage Flows' icon next to the 'Flows' heading in the panel on the left.

In the pop-up, under 'My Approvals', all the flows that are pending approval are listed. Select a flow from the list. Once a flow is selected, you will see information about the selected flow on the right. There are three tabs you can select:

  • Details - Author, last modified date, summary (as entered by person who submitted this for approval)

  • Change log - records the changes that have been made to the state of the flow

  • Approver log - records who has made the above changes by either approving or declining a flow

If you have the correct permissions, there will be an option to either approve or decline the flow on the Details tab. Approving a flow moves it to 'Production Ready' .

Declining a flow

If a flow that was submitted for approval is declined by the approver, the flow will move to 'Declined'.

This flow will have to be resubmitted for approval following the steps in the section above. Resubmitting the flow will again move the flow from 'Declined' to 'Pending' from where the approver can approve or decline the flow.

Deploying a flow to production

Once a flow is approved, it moves to 'Production Ready' . If you have the correct permissions, a button 'Deploy to Production' will be available. Selecting this will make your flow available in the live / production environment, and the flow will move to 'Deployed'.

Only people in your organization who have been granted permission will have the ability to approve (or decline) and deploy flows.

Workflows can only be created and edited in the Sandbox environment. The Production environment is completely non-editable, and serves as a read-only view of all your flows currently in Production (live to end-users).

Once deployed, the only way to 'recall' or 'remove' it from your end-user's view is to delete or edit the route that you've set up for the flow (in either the Sandbox or Production environment).