Chat Flow User Guide

Build a workflow

A 'workflow' refers to the steps your end-user are guided through when engaging with your business. A workflow can range from being a simple linear process to being a complex network of flows interacting with one another and integrating with 3rd party applications.
Workflows can only be created and edited in the Sandbox environment. The Production environment is completely non-editable, and serves as a read-only view of all your flows currently in Production (i.e., flows that are live to end-users).
To add a new workflow to your account:
  1. 1.
    Select + Create New Flow from the panel on the left. A flow called [New Flow] appears at the top of your list of flows. A Start node and arrow will automatically appear on your canvas as the starting point for your flow.
2. Build out your workflow by dragging-and-dropping nodes from the panel on the right onto the placeholder node in the canvas (indicated by dotted lines). Alternatively, you can click on the '+' in the placeholder node to bring up a node menu.
Configure/edit each node by selecting the node from the canvas to bring up a panel on the right.
Click on the checkmark in the top right corner to save your changes.
To delete the node, click on the bin icon.
3. Repeat this process as required to build your workflow.
4. Click 'Save flow' in the top left of your canvas. This button is enabled when at least one node has been added and saved.
When saving your flow for the first time, you have to enter the name of our flow. You can rename your flow again at a later stage.
The same workflow can be deployed across the multiple channels available on Chat Flow, i.e. USSD, WhatsApp, and SMS. There is no need to create a separate flow for each channel.