Preview workflows

The Previewer function enables you to test and preview the logic and user-experience of your flow across your channels before you submit it for approval and deploy it to production.

You have to set up routes for your flows before you will be able to Preview them. For test purposes you do not require real integration ID’s unless you are planning to perform tests on the actual channel instead of with the Previewer.

To preview a flow:

  1. Click on the 'Preview' button in the top left of your canvas (you don't need to have the specific flow in context).

  2. Select the channel you want to preview the selected flow on (only those that have been set up in your account will be available to select from).

  3. Enter a test phone number (MSISDN).

  4. Enter the Integration ID / USSD code that was used to set up the route in the routing section.

  5. Add the other test details as required for the selected channel (if any).

  6. Click on the 'Preview' button. For WhatsApp, this will collapse the Test Details section and make the preview section larger. For USSD, this will send the short code and display the first response.

  7. Type end-user input in the text box and press enter to start testing your flow.

Previewing on a USSD channel

Previewing on a WhatsApp channel

Previewing for SMS channels is currently not available.