Chat Flow User Guide

OAuth Request

The OAuth Request node allows you to authenticate your end-users securely against your chosen identity provider (IDP) from within your workflow so that they can access secure services specific to them from your internal platforms.

Activate and configure Embedded Client Authentication in Clickatell Portal

To use the OAuth node in Chat Flow, you first need to do the following In the Clickatell Portal:

Request users to authenticate themselves from Chat Flow

To trigger an authentication request as part of your workflow in Chat Flow:
  • Drag-and-drop the 'OAuth Request' node into your workflow
  • Configure the node and save
When an end-user reaches this step in the flow, a link is presented to them. Clicking this link opens the login page/authentication page of your selected IDP. Once the end-user enters their details and is authenticated successfully, they are directed back to the channel they were engaging on.