Release Notes

This section describes all new features and fixes on the .Control platform

2.0.0 - 2019-01-15


  • Keywords: This feature allows you to

    • Trigger Workflows: Setup up to 10 keywords against every workflow. If these keywords appear on their own or within a phrase in your chat application, the associated workflow will be triggered.

    • Fork Workflows: Setup upto 5 keywords in a menu node that forks into multiple workflow paths. If these keywords appear on their own or withing a phrase in the menu node, the associated workflow fork will be triggered.

    • How to use the Keywords feature ? Find out here

  • Additional Encryption Capabilities: In addition to Hash algorithms available on the action node Encrypt, users can now access

    • Encrypt algorithms

      • OpenPGP

    • Encode algorithms

      • Base64

      • Hex

    • How to use this feature ? Find out here (Link TBD)

  • Menu Node - External Link: This new menu node allows you to call an external web URL and allow the URL to return a single variable result. Per the result, you may choose to (a) Fork into a new action or menu node (b)Trigger another workflow