Chat 2 Pay User Guide

Adding Chat 2 Pay

In the Clickatell Portal, navigate to Products & Services -> Products -> Chat 2 Pay.
Click “+ Activate Product”.
This adds Chat 2 Pay to the My Workspace tab.
Configure Chat 2 Pay by navigating to My Workspace -> Chat 2 Pay.
Add a new Production Configuration or a new Sandbox Configuration
  • A Production configuration is linked to a production payment gateway (i.e., when you click the payment link it renders a payment page that accepts real credit cards).
  • A Sandbox configuration allows you to test your Chat 2 Pay setup without using 'real' money. It allows you to link your Chat 2 Pay configuration to a sandbox instance of your payment processor. You can use test cards on the payment gateway when using a sandbox configuration.
  • You cannot promote a sandbox configuration directly into production at this time. You will need to create a separate production configuration to use Chat 2 Pay in the production environment.
Click "Configure Chat 2 Pay".
Complete the information for all the sections.
Once all sections are complete, your Chat 2 Pay status changes to "Complete”.
Depending on the channel, API, and/or product you link, you might be required to complete additional configuration, which will be indicated by this orange notification: