Quick start guide

High-level overview of the Flow user interface

Summary for using Flow

  1. Configure and activate Flow on your Clickatell account and then navigate to the Flow user interface where you can build, edit, test, deploy and manage your workflows.

  2. Design flow - use the drag-and-drop workflow builder to design and create your unique workflow(s), or duplicate an existing flow and adjust it to your needs.

  3. Set up routes - route flows to the various chat channels your business has chosen to enable your end-users to engage with your brand.

  4. Setup API integrations - you can connect to an API hosted by an external company, or within your own organization, by setting up the API using endpoints.

  5. Preview flow (optional) - it is recommended that you test the workflow you've built by using the Preview function to ensure your flow works as intended before submitting it for approval.

  6. Submit flow for approval - once you have designed your workflow, it must be approved by someone in your organization with the correct permissions before it can be deployed to production.

  7. Deploy flow - only users with the correct permissions can deploy approved flows to production in order to give end-users access to the flow.

  8. Edit flows (optional) - you can edit, update and improve your flows as and when necessary in the Sandbox environment, and follow a similar approval/deployment process as for new flows. Changes made to your flow and deployed will be available across all the channels your flow is available in.

Workflows can only be created and edited in the Sandbox environment. The Production environment is completely non-editable, and serves as a read-only view of all your flows currently in Production (i.e. live to end-users). However, you are able to add and edit routes in your Production environment. End-users only have access to a flow once in the Production environment.

The Flow user interface

The image below highlights the main elements of the Flow user interface.

Recommended web browser for using Flow is Google Chrome