Viewing flow details

To view details about your flows, such as their current status, select 'Manage' next to the 'Flows' heading in the left panel. If you have the correct permissions, you will also be able to approve or decline flows that were submitted for approval, and deploy flows to production from here.

Select a status from the drop-down menu to view all flows with that particular status:

  • My Approvals - only visible to users selected to approve flows; contains all flows that are waiting to be approved

  • Pending - flows that have been submitted for approval and are pending review

  • Declined - flows that have been submitted for approval and have been declined

  • Production Ready - flows that have been submitted for approval, approved and are waiting to be deployed

  • Deployed - flows that have been deployed to production and are live/available to end-users

When you select a flow from any of the lists above, more details are displayed in the right panel of the popup, e.g. author name, last modified date, summary, change logs and approver logs.