Chat Flow User Guide

Chat 2 Pay

What is Chat 2 Pay? Read more here.
The Chat 2 Pay node allows you to send a payment request to an end-user directly from within the flow. The link is sent to end-users via the chat channel, and the end-user can follow the link to complete a secure payment. The outcome of payment (success/failure) is shared with the end-user and the Chat Flow application, and the flow continues with the next step.
To use the Chat 2 Pay node in Chat Flow, you first need to do the following In the Clickatell Portal:

Sending a payment request via Chat Flow

To trigger a new payment request as part of your workflow in Chat Flow:
  • Drag-and-drop the 'Chat 2 Pay' node into your workflow
  • Configure the node and save
Setup of a Chat 2 Pay node
Example flow containing Chat 2 Pay node
Chat 2 Pay is supported on both the SMS and WhatsApp channels. See here for an example of what the experience looks like to an end-user using WhatsApp.