Chat Desk User Guide

What's New?

Read more about new features, improvements, and bug fixes contained in the latest release of Clickatell's Chat Desk application.

Release V3.5.0

16 February 2023

Release Summary

This release focused on a brand-new feature: Canned Replies.
As a Supervisor, you can create pre-written replies that agents can use in the chat environment to save time in resolving the tickets and ensuring consistency of replies for important queries.
All canned replies are added by Supervisors/Admin in the Dashboard under "Settings".
Supervisors can add as many canned replies as they wish. They can also edit and delete canned replies.
Add, edit, delete canned replies. Manage categories.
Canned replies can be "uncategorized" or assigned to specific categories. Categories are also set up and managed by the Supervisor/Admin.
Add, delete, edit categories.
Once set up by the Supervisor, all categories and canned replies are automatically available for agents to use in the Agent Desk while engaging with end-users.
Edits made by Supervisors pull through to the canned replies in the Agent Desk. Deleted canned replies are removed from the Agent Desk so that they can no longer be used by agents.
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