Chat Desk User Guide

Close chat

At the end of a chat, the agent can close the chat by clicking on the 'X' (Close Chat) icon in the top right corner of the chat as shown below.
In the pop-up, the agent can provide some information about the engagement with the end-user. They can:
  • indicate the general sentiment of the conversation
  • add additional free text notes
  • select a tag from the drop-down to label the chat (assuming tags have been set up for your Chat Desk) - tags are listed in alphabetical order
  • add JIRA links and/or ticket numbers if applicable
The notes and ticket numbers are available in the end-user's chat history and can provide context about the conversation for the next engagement with this end-user. The sentiment and tags are also useful when the supervisor analyzes engagement data.
Click the 'Close' button to close the chat.