Chat Desk User Guide

Payments via Chat 2 Pay

As an agent, you can use the embedded Chat 2 Pay extension to send a payment request to an end-user directly from your dashboard.

Adding the Chat 2 Pay extension to Chat Desk

To have access to the Chat 2 Pay extension in Chat Desk, you first need to do the following In the Clickatell Portal:

Sending a payment request via Agent Desk

To send a new payment request as an agent in the Agent Desk:
  • Select the 'extension' icon below the text box area.
  • Select the 'Chat 2 Pay' extension card.
  • In the pop-up, the end-user's phone number is auto-filled. Enter the rest of the required detail and click 'Send'.
  • The payment request is sent to the end-user as shown below. This payment link expires after 5 minutes if the end-user does not click on it.
    • If the user clicks the payment link, end-users get an additional 15 minutes to complete the payment before the link expires.
See here for information on canceling payment requests.
  • Once payment is received from the end-user, the agent receives a payment confirmation message:
The agent is notified of any status updates to the payment via these payment cards in the chat area, e.g.:
See what this experience looks like to your end-user on WhatsApp.