Chat Desk User Guide

Using canned replies

All canned replies are automatically available to Chat Desk agents when chatting with an end-user.
In the chat window, click the 'canned replies' icon (see below).
This icon only appears if you have set up canned replies in your Settings.
All the categories are displayed in alphabetical order in the panel on the right. Search and select the canned reply you want to use.
Once selected, the canned reply message appears in the chat box. You can edit the reply before sending it. This is sent as a normal message to the end-user's device.
If there was text in the message box already, the selection of the template replaces previously typed text.
Canned replies can be used for:
  • Live chats
  • Closed chats
  • Bulk replies (for chats where WhatsApp message templates are not required) - coming soon