Chat Desk User Guide

Add seats and users

You can add as many users to Chat Desk as you need. However, only one agent can log in per agent seat at any given time.

Adding agent seats

When you activate Chat Desk, you automatically get one free agent seat.
To allow more than one agent to log into Chat Desk simultaneously, you have to purchase more agent seats from the Clickatell Portal by navigating to My Workspace --> Chat Desk.
Click 'Add More Seats'.
Select the number of seats to add and click 'Next'.
Follow the prompts to finalize your purchase.

Adding users

To add a user to the Clickatell Portal, click on the profile icon in the top right.
Select 'User Management'.
Click '+ New User'.
Enter the user's details and select the role (and associated permissions) you want to assign to the user.
For a Supervisor, the following roles must all be assigned:
  • Platform: Admin / Viewer
  • Chat Desk: Admin
  • Chat Desk: Touch Admin
  • Chat Desk: Touch Tenant Admin
  • Chat Desk: Touch Agent
  • Chat Desk: Touch Supervisor Agent
For an Agent, the following role must be assigned:
  • Chat Desk: Touch Agent
  • Platform: Viewer
For more details on adding users, see the relevant section in the Clickatell Portal User Guide.