API Integrations

There are two different types of API integrations you can set up in your Clickatell account:

  • Basic HTTP API - Ideal if you are planning on using SMS as your only channel.

  • One API - Utilize both WhatsApp and/or SMS channels without having to program them individually. Future-proof your implementation as Clickatell continues to add support for additional channels.

You will set up an API as part of the setup wizard when creating a new SMS or WhatsApp integration. WhatsApp integrations will always make use of the One API, whereas with new SMS setups you will have a choice between the two API types.

For more detailed information about our APIs, see our Developer Documentation website.

Once an API integration of any type is created, it is added to your API integrations table. To view a list of all integrations in your account, navigate to My Workspace and select the API Integrations card.

To view and/or update the details of a specific API, simply select it from the table.

Click 'Update Changes' to effect any edits you make.