Campaign Manager

Your billing details need to be set up before you can enable Campaign Manager on your account.

Campaign Manager is an online tool that allows you to create a custom SMS campaign within minutes, with no coding or developers required.

To activate Campaign Manager as a product on your account, click on the Campaign Manager card under Products on the Products & Services tab. Click on the '+Activate product' button. This will add Campaign Manager as a product under the My Workspace tab.

In the My Workspace tab, select the Campaign Manager card.

Click 'Enable Campaign Manager'.

Enter the required details and click 'Submit'.

You can now launch the Campaign Tool by navigating to My Workspace --> Campaign Manager and clicking 'Go to Campaign'.

Alternatively, when adding a new SMS setup you can select 'Campaign Manager' in Step 1 where you have to select how you are going to use your new SMS channel. Click the 'Go to Campaign' button.

If you haven't activated Campaign Manager yet, you will be asked to provide a business name, industry and location.

The Campaign Manager tool launches in a new tab. From here you can create, schedule and manage your campaigns.

For more information see the Clickatell Developer Documentation website.

To grant access to Campaign Manager to more users, refer to the User Management section of this user guide.

Once your Campaign Tool has been activated and enabled, an HTTP SMS API integration is automatically created and can be viewed and edited by navigating to My Workspace --> API Integrations and selecting the API from the table.